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#GA2017 Report 4 – Returns to Overtures

Number of deliverances -2Number of pages – 34 pages

whats the report about?

At General Assembly 2016 it was proposed by ministries council that we change the way that ministries are registered in the church, this was approved y the GA2016. Under the churches procedure for things like this, ( the barrier act), it was then passed to presbyteries to discuss and vote on. As the majority of presbyteries also passed it and gave feedback the proposal if presented finally to GA2017 for approval. Also some changes have been made in relation to feedback and comment from presbyteries.

whats the key point of the report?

Is this the best way for the Church of Scotland to register ministries and can we live with the implications of this ordering.

Thoughts on the report.

2.2 – Reaffirms the “parity of all ministries”. While recognising the special nature of parish ministry.

3.2 – clarify if the ministry year runs from July To July?

Lots of appendix!

Thought on deliverances.

It’s a yes no question.

Questions or amendments or suggested new deliverances.

Should pass.

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